What Drives Me

I love living an active lifestyle. “Active” meaning a balance between hobbies, sports, friends…and I guess work can blend into the mix as well. 😉 One thing I do pride myself in doing is successfully balancing these activities. Ahhh, I call this the song of life.

I make a concious effort everyday to improve myself in one way or another.

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Trust Your Power

Looking back on it, on how I got to where I am, I don’t know how it feels if I were running towards from something or running away from it. But that didn’t matter. What I did know is when you run into something, something bigger, something meaner, something with the power to knock you down; you have to trust in yourself, trust that you can get back up and not give in. Ever. Because power isn’t just about going forward, its about not letting anything hold you back. If you find that in yourself, you can go anywhere you want.

-Patrick Willis

Rolling with the Punches

This weekend Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers fought hard against our conference rivals, the Detroit Lions. In the process, Smith got a gash on his nose, yet no penalty. This happened repeatedly with others on the team as well…a little bit of a dirty game on the Lions part. But the refs let the boys play. I love this, because nowadays sports are getting a little weak. What happened when a little blood was common? Where diving for the ball sparked fire in your teammates hearts? Yesterday the Niners fought hard and didn’t complain. They played with passion! I hope we can see more of this type of play from them.

I am willing to put myself through anything, temporary pain or discomfort means nothing to me as long as I can see that the experience will take me to a new level. I am interested in the unknown, and the only path to the unknown is through breaking barriers, an often painful process.

-Diana Nyad

Starting from the Middle

I haven’t had a serious blog since middle school. Xanga. Old school. I laugh when I look at my posts from back in the day, I feel like I’m taking a trip down memory lane. I feel that writing down thoughts is another way to reflect. I believe reflecting is an important part of life, just like eating, breathing, or laughing.

Throughout the day I find topics that I want to write about. I seem to do most of my serious reflecting when I’m enjoying my morning latte, beating on a body bag, or showering.

Here I’ll be writing down my thoughts, motivation, pain, and where I paste snippets of my life. Looking forward to sharing part of my world with you! 🙂

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death. 

Let the adventure begin…from the middle!