What Drives Me

I love living an active lifestyle. “Active” meaning a balance between hobbies, sports, friends…and I guess work can blend into the mix as well. 😉 One thing I do pride myself in doing is successfully balancing these activities. Ahhh, I call this the song of life.

I make a concious effort everyday to improve myself in one way or another.

The baseline of my day:

  1. Do a good deed(s)
  2. Talk to friends & show I care
  3. Talk to family & show I care
  4. Exercise
  5. Work hard

From that list, I started off with one thing at a time, but now its second nature.

Aside from that I actively:

  1. Drum
  2. Play Basketball
  3. Game
  4. Bike/Weights
  5. Martial Arts
  6. Dance/Sing

I do these activities not to show off or 1up, but as a different way to express myself. Let me further explain.


I drum for creativity. Band was one of the first things I committed to, it was a huge part of my life at one point. Marching Band and Drumline…ohhh I was such a prideful band geek ❤ Now I’m expanding my horizon to drumSET. Its tough so far, but its very rewarding once you get a beat down that you’ve been working on for hours!

Play Basketball

Back in the day, I hated basketball. I couldn’t really play. My shot, was horrific, and I looked pretty ridiculous handling a ball. This was true until one of my best friends introduced me to competitive basketball in college. Suddenly, with a little (a lot of) guidance I wasn’t all too bad. Its a passion that slowly grew on me, and now is a big part of my life. I’m determined to beat her – one day 😉


Gaming was one of my first “loves” lol. In a weird way it unites people for a common cause: INNER NERD PRIDE!


These improve my physical strength. Makes me faster, and stronger. Another important thing to  pushing myself to the limits.

Martial Arts

A little background, I was a HUGE tomboy. When I was around 5, I watched Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury. I loved every bit of it. As I grew older, I felt like I wanted to learn more and more. However my parents were completely against a little girl learning martial arts. I yearned to learn sooo bad, and finally convinced them to pay for lessons (yeah sucks when you’re young everything depended on what your parents wanted you to learn). I fell in love. I knew I wanted to go all the way with this discipline. After a year and a half of training, I ranked up to green stripe in Taekwondo…and my parents suddenly made me stop. My heart was broken. This started my angry stage…but more on that another time. I finally started up again in college (more on that another time as well) and was back in my element! I learned more than I ever could imagine. Martial arts is a way I practice discipline on many planes at once. Mental, physical, and spiritual. When I practice a kata, I focus on being the best I can be. I zone out the world, and focus on each individual movement.


These are things I’m not particularly known to be “good” at but I do enjoy. I’m a little more self conscious with these arts. Most of the time when I’m not in the dancing mood its because I feel that others are giving a judging eye. I don’t wanna take that BS. I’m a firm believer that amazing dancers aren’t great because of their technique, its because they have love and passion for the art.  I like to learn, and at this stage in life the majority of people look down on “learning”. I feel that life is a series of experiences, and if you aren’t learning, then you aren’t growing.

I don’t dance for people, but for myself. But I dance when I’m comfortable enough with the those around me to just be myself. I don’t focus on form, I just have a good time. I think that’s what expressing yourself is about.

What drives you?


6 thoughts on “What Drives Me

  1. What drives me is being able to express myself creatively. Through writing, running, dancing, teaching others in group fitness. All of these things I am passionate about and drive me to be a better person everyday.

  2. This story makes it amazingly apparent to me that there really are other women like me in the world! I’d really love to learn more about your life and interests – especially in tae kwon do/martial arts …

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂 I visited your blog as well! Loving the photographs 🙂 I’ll be sure to write more posts on my martial arts experience, stay tuned!

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