If Life Were Different

“I wish I were straight, they have it so much easier.” I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. From friends, family, and via internet.

Would you rather be born Gay/Lesbian, or born into poverty? Yes, it may be a little extreme, but think about it very carefully.

Life deals each of us a different hand, whether it’s an Ace, King or a pair of dueces. Either way we aren’t playing against each other. No, we’re hoping that our hand owns the dealer’s hand (in this case life, or God, or whoever/whatever you see fit). When you get dealt a pair of dueces, will you give up? Hell no! There’s a fighting chance that the dealer will bust, or the chance where life just gives you the perfect amount of cards that’ll bump you to that 21.

Now I’m not saying that life is all about luck. I say you make your own luck. I firmly believe that if you do good for others, karma will come back around and make your life a little easier.

So its not about being gay, or straight. Its about being a better person. Being the best person you can be. Sure, there will be struggles. But who doesn’t struggle? Nothing in this world worth having comes easy.

Fight on. Instead of wishing you had a different life, think about how you can shape your life into a better one – despite what everyone else thinks.


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