Chunky Monkey

I eat a lot. I drink a lot. I live and love…a lot.

So I usually go about my business, eating my meal, and ALWAYS finish with dessert. And not a wimpy dessert either like apples or something. ICE CREAM. CHEESECAKE. CHOCOLATE. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, yeah yeah. Now you might be thinking it…many people say: “you’re so lucky you’re asian, you don’t get fat”, “I wish I had fast metabolism” etc. Uhh…the reality check its not that I’m an asian blessed with remarkable digestive system, its because I work my ass offΒ to maintain a healthy mind and body.

5-6 times a week I’m training, hard. Β And sure that chocolate cake I ate would probably catch up to me, but that’s part of life. I know it makes me happy. Till then I’ll indulge. Train. Rinse and repeat.

“Caught in the act” pics below! :p


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