Autumn Beers :)

Each season is a little special in its own way. Autumn’s personality is warm and embracing! I went to Oktoberfest in Campbell for the first time this weekend! It was super fun. Beer/Wine/Sausages/Icecream with good company, what can get better than that?! 🙂 I now have a hankering to go to the one in Germany (adding that one to the bucket list)!Things I love about Autumn ❤

  1. The Moon
  2. Fireplaces
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. Pretty Trees
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. Sweaters/Fall Fashion
  7. Crunchy Leaves
  8. Squash (lol I LOVE SQUASH)
  9. Beautiful Hikes
  10. And now, Oktoberfest!

What are things you love about Autumn?


4 thoughts on “Autumn Beers :)

  1. When I’m in Portland I LOVE the trees. It’s amazing there. When I’m in Bend I like when you first start to smell cold crisp air and smoke from neighbors chimneys.

    • YA! The trees are so beautiful 😀 And I’m sad that here in Cali we don’t really have chimneys…they’re all fake! Lol so no chimney sweeps for us 😥 But I can imagine that the Autumn smells are wonderful 😀

  2. Love about Autumn:
    – Cooler weather, which then leads to…
    – Autumn fashion (I love the look of having layers)
    – Leaves changing colour
    – Thanksgiving Days (Canadian in October, American in November)
    – Pumpkin pie
    – “someone’s” birthday

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