We Are Daniel Cui

I saw this video yesterday and immediately connected with his story. Haven’t we all been victimized one time or another in High School? Sometimes being different is shunned upon, instead of praised. These kids committed a huge act of kindness that will forever be engraved in this guy’s memory. I loved this video and wanted to share!

After freshman goalie Daniel Cui became the scapegoat for a losing season, the whole high school rallied to defend him. More than 100 students changed their profile pictures to a photo of Cui making a save and with newfound confidence, Cui returned the next season to play the game of his life and lead his team to a win.

Here’s to the strength to do some good in someone’s life today!


3 thoughts on “We Are Daniel Cui

  1. Kristin, thanks for commenting on my blog so I could follow you home. I think your blog is my new favorite and I will definitely be coming back to receive a jolt of inspiration and motivation from you on a regular basis!


  2. I love this…and this is applicable for so many different things…the power of motivation and support and encouragement couldn’t have been better highlighted than by this short but deeply meaningful video.

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