We Can Do It!

I love this image so much, for many reasons. Lots of women seem offended by the image “oh her cleavage is just too much”, “she’s wearing way too much makeup”, etc. Though I do think the cleavage is a little overbearing, I personally think this image portrays more than that!

Its interesting to see the image of a woman, with her hair tied up and flexing her muscles like a man (which is coo, too), but never an image with a feminine one. In a way it suggests that when our hair is down, our breasts are visible and we wear lipstick, we’re somehow lesser than men. I believe we can be feminine and badass.

Women, you don’t have to lose your femininity. Being feminine is great. Being masculine is great. Strength is not limited to one way of being. But know that no matter what, you can be successful!


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