2013 // Resolutions

Some food for thought:

The Success Indicator

Cool chart? I thought so. πŸ˜‰ It can also relate to happiness. Agree/disagree? I didn’t really want to talk about successful/unsuccessful people today, though. I don’t think you can really judge who is successful or not without knowing what their priorities, or what success means to THEM are first.

Anywayssss, Its that time of the year again…new years! I always look forward to spending time with friends/family/laughing/attending parties…but then again…every year I/we get the same question.

“Sooo do you have any new year resolutions??”

Hahaha oh boy do I try my best just to avoid the question…especially if the person as told me their resolutions already. And you know what, its perfectly okay if you DO ask me…its just when I think of the question, it doesn’t quite make sense. Why in the world would I wait until the new year to start goals? In my opinion, its just an excuse to not do something until the new year.

How many times have you seen the gym totally packed for the month of January, and then once February, March, or April rolls around it gets progressively emptier? Or diets that last 2 weeks? Its easy to say “I want to lose 15 lbs” but how will you do it? Why not set small goals first? “I will go to the gym 3 times a week.” Commit to a few things first, then build. What I’m trying to say is life is a series of actions, not words. ACTION! I believe a yearly bucket list or something of the kind would be more appropriate for the start of the year.

Without further ado…this is what I would LOVE to accomplish/do in 2013 (probably will grow when I think of more).

1) Do somethin’ crazy, do somethin’ crazy!Β Hahaha jk, make some progress in the break dancing department. I started a little bit with a friend a few months back. He taught me all that he knows (which is the basics), and I’m kind of just teaching myself at the moment. Super fun! πŸ™‚ I definitely do enjoy dancing…behind closed, locked, doors. :p
2) Visit my cousins/friends in their respective colleges/towns. Specifically LA/SD/Washington DC/Berkeley/Vegas/Wherever my brother gets in. Its really tough sometimes when you’re working/have a social life to forget to engage with the people you love who live away from you…I never want friends or family to think I’m too busy for them. EVER.
3) Move into an apartment or condo. Oh BOY do I love my family, but its time to move out! Freedommm, freeedom!! πŸ˜€
4) Go to a concert.Β One Republic? Macklemore? Usher? We’ll see! ❀
5) Do more Archery.Β Not gonna lie, I’ve been kind of slacking on practicing for Archery. Distance is a bit of a problem since the range is ~40 mins away. BUT I will not make excuses. If anything a DIY project for the backyard…I just have to make sure there’s no way an arrow will fly out of my backyard and hit someone D:
6) Go paint balling.Β I’ve never been, and it looks sooo fun. Not really looking forward to the welts, but I am looking forward to doing a shoulder roll or diving into the action ;P I CAN IMAGINE IT NOW!
7) Join a Dojo. Not sure where. Not sure what discipline. I just know I want to progress with training and to learn more about the art in general. I have a dojo in mind, and I hope life leads me towards that direction…these next few months will determine where I’ll study! πŸ˜€
8) The Color Run (5k). A little bit of background…I dislike running. A lot…a lot a lot. I will probably write another entry for this another time…however as some of you might know, my left ankle is not in the besttt condition due to an injury when in college. BUT I’ve been rehabbing it on my own for the past few years, and I’m happy to say that its getting better. πŸ™‚ Anywaysss, the run looks suuuper fun, and will force me to train in something I’m not too fond of: running. 2x a week starting…today 12/31. Ugh. I hope I’ll fall in love with running after this πŸ˜‰
9) Apply to the Amazing Race with my brother. We’ve been wanting to compete in the race since the show first aired! 18 was the minimum age before…but when my bro turned 18, it turned to 21! 😦 Next year he’ll be of age… It would be a dream come true to travel and compete with the little dude!
10) Put up some drum covers for you all. I rarely blog about drumming these days…I’m most definitely not that great of a drummer. But its one of my passions! Use what talents you posses, pursue it, and don’t be afraid to show others! “If only the birds with the sweetest voices sang in the trees, the forest would be a quieter place.”
11) More “Me” time. Over working, over playing, and just pushing too hard is taking a huge toll on my body. I’m the type of person who wants to go after something full speed…which would be fine if its one thing at a time. But I have a lot I want to accomplish! I would like to take more days for myself to breathe, relax, and take things in. I can’t think of a relax day as an unproductive day…it really is quite unhealthy to ignore your body esp. if its asking for rest. Ok well…maybe I can start with more “half” relax days, first πŸ˜‰

Happy New Years, everyone Lets bring in 2013 with a bang! πŸ˜€


Beauty from Within the Stars


I’ve always grown up loving the night sky. Stars in particular have fascinated me ever since I could remember.

One of the fondest memories I remember from my childhood was when my dad sat me down and had a heart to heart conversation about life. I couldn’t have beenΒ older than 6. Little did I know, his words would stick with me forever.

Appreciate life for what it is. Have faith in each other.

My parents never pushed religion upon me. Naturally, when growing up, I got bombarded with questions about what I believed in. Quite funny, because I went to a Christian school (It was apparently one of the best schools in the district), so everyone just assumed that I was Christian. I felt so absurdly uncomfortable because we never went to church. As a kid, you don’t really think about the significance of faith, you kind of just follow your parents until you get a stronger sense of what you believe in. Ok, back to the story.

One night my Dad and I sat outside on the sidewalk, just hanging out, and he asked me “How was your day?” Slightly confused 6 year old Kristin answered with, “We talked about God…do you believe in God? What do you believe in?”

“All you have to know is that I believe in doing the right thing. And that’s what you should strive for, too.” Β 

He probably said it in a more fobbish undertone but, that’s how I remembered it. πŸ˜‰ Now when people ask me what’s your faith/religion etc. I simply tell them “I believe in doing the right thing.” πŸ™‚

Don’t let anything stop you from your dreams.

We would sit outside admiring the beauty of the stars. Taking in the moment with each breath. But one day, it rained and I was so sad that that we couldn’t visit the stars!Β He asked me,”Do you want to see the stars tonight?” Little Kristin-“Dad, that’s impossible!”

“If you put your mind into something, it is always possible. Remember that.”

He grabbed an old cardboard box, punctured it randomly with a pencil,the proceeded to stick a flashlight in the box. When he turned that flashlight on…oh boy…it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen thus far. The whole room lit up with all types of stars. Small, big, lopsided. And mannn, did I love it.

Pairing these lessons with the beauty of the stars makes moments magical! I’m still completely, utterly in love with the stars ’till this day. When I look up in the clear night sky, I forget the bad, and breathe in the good. πŸ˜€

Dad and I πŸ™‚

Thanks Dad!

Edit 12/26/12: Showed my Dad this post without saying it was from me. He read a couple of lines and asked me “Is this you?!?!” I just said “read!” …he’s not super emotional but he did say “That’s really nice.” πŸ™‚ Yayyyy

Rules to Live By

I read this off of AMS Design Blog and I just had to share.

Sometimes I feel that I may know something, and it kind of just…sits at the back of my mind. It doesn’t get done. There are no actions. Just because I know something, doesn’t mean I’m actively thinking about it. Reading a quote such as the one below is a nice refresher on what kind of a person I want to be, and how I can build my character around it.

It’s worth the read, promise. πŸ™‚

Rules to Live By

Laugh as often as you can, the more you laugh the funnier life becomes.
Laugh at bad jokes and laugh at yourself, life is far too short to take yourself too seriously and it’s better to be ridiculous than to be boring.
Never assume that the people you love know how you feel, tell them, show them, convince them and prove it to them every day.
Listen first, then talk.
Defend your point of view but accept when you are wrong.
Learn to apologize, to admit your mistakes and learn to accept compliments.
Take care, take your time and take risks.
Make decisions, make mistakes, make fun of yourself and make friends of strangers.
Be modest but not invisible and always give credit were credit’s due.
Don’t be too quick to judge, first impressions are just that, impressions.
Be patient, be positive, and be vulnerable.
Be happy, be sad and above all be yourself.
Surround yourself with people you admire and never be ashamed to ask for help.
Embrace your flaws, perfection is boring.
Do things that you are passionate about, and you will soon realise that your life is full of things that you love.
Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, life is messy, get stuck in.
Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.
Learn to bask in the sunshine and dance in the rain.
Remember that youth isn’t wasted on the young, youth is just matter of perspective. Stop complaining about your age, in ten years you’ll wish you were the age you are now.
Never settle, never give up and never let go of your dreams, regret is far worse than failure.
Whatever happens, at the end of every day step back, take a deep breath and smile.


Ok Good Lookin’

I read this somewhere and it kind of stuck- despite the corniness :p. Who doesn’t strive for good looks one way, or another? πŸ˜‰

Tips To Be Good Looking

For lovely eyes– Always look at the good side of other people.
For tender lips– Speak only kind words towards others.
For a charming face– Always smile with a happy heart.
For beautiful feet– Always move forward.
For graceful arms– Reach out with compassion to those in need.

Beauty starts from within, and blossoms outward to our features. Always start from the heart! πŸ™‚


I’m a very simple person. I find the simple life extremely alluring. Give me a small house around nature, close to my family & friends, and I’ll be happy. Seriously.

Scotty Asai – Tahoe Sky

I had a discussion with a few of my coworkers the other day. Are we happy with all this technology around us? Are the children in our generation happier than the children a few generations ago? The American kid on his Nintendo 3DS, or the African kid with a soccer ball? We often have technology and innovation to our disposal every day. We can order food to our doorsteps with a touch of a button, yet fail to realize it is a beautiful day. We live in an era where there are smart phones and dumb people πŸ˜‰ No offense to smart phone users.

I feel we are blinded by the media at times, losing sight of what is concrete, and truly important in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I do love browsing the web, playing games, and I definitely feel lucky to have many conveniences that serve to make my life easier. But, I can’t seem to shake off the fact that the weekends where I spend away from technology are the ones I remember most. Taking the time to embrace the beauty of nature, or the company of good friends is something I really enjoy. Here are some pics from Tahoe weekend a few weeks ago!


So I’m sure you guys can tell already, but my family means a lot to me. I’m gonna pull out allll the cheesiness and single out my little brother. We are very close, but it wasn’t always this way. Three short stories 1-2-3 go!

Back when I was a little tomboy in overalls and he was, well…a boy in overalls, we used to fight about a lot of things. He and I were different on many fronts. When eating, I would save the best for last, where he would gobble everything up. I was into sports, and he would kind of just sit there and watch tv, or go on the computer. So naturally, I would get bored “of him” and do things with my friends, or my Dad who also enjoys playing sports.

One time we were eating Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) so naturally he gobbled everything up, and I saved my favorite part for last, the meatball. I was the last one eating (I’m a slow eater) and little bro asks me “are you going to eat that?” OHHH THOSE INFAMOUS WORDS…which little would I know he would ask sooo many more times after that. I say “yes…” and my parents GUILT TRIP me saying that I have to “always give the best to my brother”…”gotta take care of the little one”… ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT he can have my last delicious meatball. And my egg yolk. And my chocolate. And the last bite of icecream…yeahhh I don’t share my food unless I love you. He is loved. :p

I remember when my parents used to fight almost every day, and they’d just blow up on us. We would have to run up to our room (we shared one for a while) and hang out there for a while, sometimes for a few hours. He would cry a lot since he was younger, and I felt like I had to be there for him. I needed to assure him that they care about us, and if we cared about them, we need to let them be happy…whether that’s being together or not. My parents didn’t know that their arguments gave us an opportunity for sibling bonding. Everything worked out well, and they are still together! πŸ™‚ Win-win!

We went on vacation to Paris a few years back, and wanted to visit the Louvre. An hour into our trip, I started to suffer from (my infamous) severe cramps, and on that day I had one of the worst cramps EVER. In a hot sweat, I was staggering everywhere, and was on the verge of tears. I could not go on to see the Mona Lisa, and the other beautiful works of art. My brother, without hesitation said “I’ll take you back.” Ohhh my gosh. He literally had to help me every step of the way. My arm over his shoulder, pushing me to make each stop. The trip took 2 hours. I was slow, and being quite difficult, literally taking breaks from walking every 2-5 minutes. We finally stumbled into the condo, and of course he knew exactly what to say. “There’s no food…do you want a baguette? I’ll try to find some medicine, too.” He came back successful. With a baguette and Advil in hand, I ate my feelings, and finally fell asleep. After he made sure I was comfortable, he made his journey back to see the little Mona Lisa. Dang. What a trooper.

I love the little (big, now) bugger to death, and would do anything for him! We have had a lot of good times together, but its true that when you go through struggles with someone, your bond gets stronger. I can’t wait for the many adventures we will have together.

Here’s a mini photoshoot that we did after work one day. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Edit* He’s a cutie though, huh?? πŸ˜€