So I’m sure you guys can tell already, but my family means a lot to me. I’m gonna pull out allll the cheesiness and single out my little brother. We are very close, but it wasn’t always this way. Three short stories 1-2-3 go!

Back when I was a little tomboy in overalls and he was, well…a boy in overalls, we used to fight about a lot of things. He and I were different on many fronts. When eating, I would save the best for last, where he would gobble everything up. I was into sports, and he would kind of just sit there and watch tv, or go on the computer. So naturally, I would get bored “of him” and do things with my friends, or my Dad who also enjoys playing sports.

One time we were eating Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) so naturally he gobbled everything up, and I saved my favorite part for last, the meatball. I was the last one eating (I’m a slow eater) and little bro asks me “are you going to eat that?” OHHH THOSE INFAMOUS WORDS…which little would I know he would ask sooo many more times after that. I say “yes…” and my parents GUILT TRIP me saying that I have to “always give the best to my brother”…”gotta take care of the little one”… ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT he can have my last delicious meatball. And my egg yolk. And my chocolate. And the last bite of icecream…yeahhh I don’t share my food unless I love you. He is loved. :p

I remember when my parents used to fight almost every day, and they’d just blow up on us. We would have to run up to our room (we shared one for a while) and hang out there for a while, sometimes for a few hours. He would cry a lot since he was younger, and I felt like I had to be there for him. I needed to assure him that they care about us, and if we cared about them, we need to let them be happy…whether that’s being together or not. My parents didn’t know that their arguments gave us an opportunity for sibling bonding. Everything worked out well, and they are still together! 🙂 Win-win!

We went on vacation to Paris a few years back, and wanted to visit the Louvre. An hour into our trip, I started to suffer from (my infamous) severe cramps, and on that day I had one of the worst cramps EVER. In a hot sweat, I was staggering everywhere, and was on the verge of tears. I could not go on to see the Mona Lisa, and the other beautiful works of art. My brother, without hesitation said “I’ll take you back.” Ohhh my gosh. He literally had to help me every step of the way. My arm over his shoulder, pushing me to make each stop. The trip took 2 hours. I was slow, and being quite difficult, literally taking breaks from walking every 2-5 minutes. We finally stumbled into the condo, and of course he knew exactly what to say. “There’s no food…do you want a baguette? I’ll try to find some medicine, too.” He came back successful. With a baguette and Advil in hand, I ate my feelings, and finally fell asleep. After he made sure I was comfortable, he made his journey back to see the little Mona Lisa. Dang. What a trooper.

I love the little (big, now) bugger to death, and would do anything for him! We have had a lot of good times together, but its true that when you go through struggles with someone, your bond gets stronger. I can’t wait for the many adventures we will have together.

Here’s a mini photoshoot that we did after work one day. Enjoy! 🙂

Edit* He’s a cutie though, huh?? 😀


8 thoughts on “Coocookachoo

  1. For being a fellow slow-eater and save-the-best-for-last-eater I feel your pain. Gotta have your arm block technique whenever you sense someone reaching for your food! :O
    Very cool that you’re close with your brother. Dude has got style! I’m impressed (unless you approached him before the photo shoot and said “Look bro, cheezie-stained t-shirts, b-ball shorts, and velcro shoes ain’t gonna cut it no more”) 😉

    • Hahaha slow eaters for the win! And yes, we definitely have to protect our our beloved food from predators like him. Lol!
      Lil bro has definitely got his looks on POINT. He has better style than me (hate to admit it) :p He recently made a lookbook:

      Do you have any siblings?

      • Like the lookbook! I need more exposure to different looks so I don’t lose my sense of fashion (as fast as I have been :P). You should just stand near your brother and I think you’ll be able to absorb some of his fashion sense, kinda like osmosis. 😉

        And yes, I do have siblings! An older sister, ME, a younger brother, and a younger sister. I think it turned out to be a pretty decent balance, even if there weren’t enough children to start a volleyball team which my parents had hoped for (and none of us are that tall). :/

  2. I love to see people have a strong bond with their siblings, ’cause I too have a very strong bonding with my siblings. Btw, yes, your brother is a cutie. 😀

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