My Biggest Fear

This must watch video REALLY tugged on my heartstrings. From the moment they started talking, I could feel the energy, and love this family has for one another. Mr. Ryan Woods was unafraid of dying, trying leaving behind as much as he can for his children. This is something we should all strive for every day.

EDIT: Hm, the vid isn’t loading correctly. Trust me its worth the watch! It’s not as pretty, but here’s the link:

I’m sure many of you have been asked “What is your biggest fear?” multiple times in your life. I’ve heard so many different answers (spoiler alert if you ever want to ask me this in person). Answers usually range from spiders, to heights, or public speaking. Want to know what mine is?

The fear of losing someone you love. =/

Whenever I contemplate about death, it isn’t a fearless journey. Death is my biggest fear–just not my own death. Life is so damn fickle. Every interaction you have with another human being is important.

“Then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not
doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

You can’t change or mend relationships such a short time. What it comes down to is who you’ve touched, and how much of an impact on their life you’ve made. Work hard. Fulfill your responsibilities. Make and maintain friendships. But if you keep postponing your own happiness until “later”, know that tomorrow may never come. Everyone should just take a deep breath everyday and celebrate LIFE! There is so much joy out there to be spread! Every moment is a new opportunity for happiness! 🙂

“…So the questions is, what is the story are we going to live out as we’re dying? Just invite people to live a beautiful story regardless of what type of brokenness they have to deal with.”
-Ryan Woods

Now its my turn to ask you, if you had 1-4 months to live, what would you do?


The Pursuit of Fulfillment

So as some of you might have noticed, I have been quite busy lately! Just trying to get my life together. These past few weeks have been a series of huge ups (and not necessarily downs), and serious reflection. At times, its easier to keep busy, rather than to contemplate about life ;). This post is going to be a bit of a tangent, so bear with me…I have a lot going on and I want to release it!

I have high standards. But damn my friends have a ridiculous amount of faith in me, which results in at times,what it feels like, infeasable results. However, its a refreshing to know that they believe in me, and my abilities. Though its a bit overwhelming, I feel good when they do push me. Ohh the pressure to excel. I’m just scared that I won’t meet their expectations. Again, this goes back to my post about overbearing feelings: The War Zone. On one hand I want to continue proving them right, by pushing myself, and on the other hand, I just want to show that I struggle as well, even if its in a different way. SOMETIMES ALL I WANT IS A HUG! …and none of those crappy side hugs, I only befriend people who give real, teddy bear-like hugs.

Sometimes life is like a tide. Extremely overwhelming, and full of emotion. But at the end of the day, its how you interpret the situation. Did it come in and destroy, or has it given you the opportunity to rebuild yourself, even stronger? Did it give you the strength reach out your hand to help another, when you wouldn’t have done so previously?

As I was training the other day one of my buddies said “Life is a series of failures.” Part of me agreed, but I cringed at the word failure. So, being the damn optimist that I am, I challenged him. But, I couldn’t really give a good answer on what my definition of success is. He proceeded with:

“What, are you comfortable with your desk job??”

It kind of offended me a tiny bit, at first. How dare he say that when he knows I’m always trying to better myself! There’s more to life than just work! Hahaha. Anyways, I’ll probably never be truly content, but some people may be perfectly fine/blessed with having a desk job. What if I were one of those people? I would be even more offended! Of course all this occurred to me in the shower…after the fact…as always :p So, what DO I define as success?

For me, the definition of success varies among different individuals.

I believe that success is being the strongest version of yourself as possible. And I believe that success is shaping your life for the betterment of society, always sacrificing yourself to help others. I want to have the ability to enter into someone’s life at any given moment, and touch them in a positive way. Whether only for a moment, or befriending them for their entire life.

I am only 24 years young, I haven’t even begun to grasp the struggles and responsibilities that many have to bear. The importance of caring for a child. The struggles of scrounging for every penny to pay for a mortgage. The horribly crippling feeling of losing someone you love. The quest of happiness and success is a long and never ending road. But I do know, at least for me, that happiness comes in the simplest of forms. Pure feelings, and human emotion. In other words, that warm, fuzzy feeling. 😉

I’m uncertain about how to go about the next phases of my life…all I know is I have to keep moving forward. Which is, many times, the hardest part.

What have you all been up to lately? My fellow Martial Arts enthusiasts, athletes, and optimists? Do you have any wise words of wisdom for me through these times?

Scratch the Blood and Gore

I’m a huge fan of fantasy, and this includes shows. I just admire the fact that writers have the ability to take you out of your this world (even if its just for an hour), into another one. Shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. At times I can watch an entire series in a week. X_X. And these range from shows such as Smallville <3, to Suits. But before you judge me for wasting time on TV, let me explain myself. Though part of me loves watching beautiful people act on the big screen, the main reason I watch shows is the moral game. I absolutely love shows that portray situations where the world has gone to shit, and how they react. There are lessons to be learned if you pay attention!

Shows I currently watch (in no particular order):

The Vampire Daires:
Love is blind // friendships are everything. Its okay to rely on others, and trust in your heart. True friends will have your back no matter what. But be wary of who you trust, because they may have other motives in mind.

The Vampire Dairies Cast

Take control of your life. You may come from the slums, but with a little bit of smart thinkin’ and luck you can make it in the big time. Relationships can be complicated in the office (both friendships/romance). You never know full when what someone’s intentions are, but if you keep true to yourself, little can go wrong. And UMMM appearance can make a difference, look how snazzy they look in their getups 😉


The Walking Dead:

There are several lessons to be told, but I think the first lesson we learn in the series is that honesty and truth are not necessarily paths to high status. People can and will change, the pure of heart can be filled with anger, and the evil in our souls can be rid if a kind person touches it. Also, zombies are scary, foreal!

The Walking Dead

Amazing Race:
This is truly a competition geared towards teamwork. Comraderie and willpower above all. In this race, both players must trust as well as be able to go through the tasks physically. It is just as much of a mental game as a physical one. The Amazing Race has always interested me on how players interact with each other to win a million dollars. Its A MILLION DOLLARS. Unlike the lottery, if you’ve made it on the show, you have a 1/11 chance to win. Would you step on other people to win? Or would you play the game fair? …its a MILLION DOLLARS!

The Amazing Race

Game of Thrones:
OH man, this is my most recent addiction. With its complicated story line, there’s definitely a character to love/hate for everyone. The lessons in this series are abundant. What I draw most from this series is how to become an effective leader. Sometimes the nicest people will not come out on top, such is life. Social pressure can take a toll on anyone, no matter how pure of heart. Take responsibility for your actions!

Game of Thrones

Despite all the blood and sex, Spartacus has quite a few lessons to draw from. Make your own destiny! You can be born in a shit hole and be an inspiration to the people around you. Do not be afraid to make the tough decisions if it will benefit the group as a whole. Drive change in yourself, and then you can inspire change in others.

Spartacus: Andy Whitfield as Spartacus

Do you guys have any good shows to add to my list? 🙂