Scratch the Blood and Gore

I’m a huge fan of fantasy, and this includes shows. I just admire the fact that writers have the ability to take you out of your this world (even if its just for an hour), into another one. Shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. At times I can watch an entire series in a week. X_X. And these range from shows such as Smallville <3, to Suits. But before you judge me for wasting time on TV, let me explain myself. Though part of me loves watching beautiful people act on the big screen, the main reason I watch shows is the moral game. I absolutely love shows that portray situations where the world has gone to shit, and how they react. There are lessons to be learned if you pay attention!

Shows I currently watch (in no particular order):

The Vampire Daires:
Love is blind // friendships are everything. Its okay to rely on others, and trust in your heart. True friends will have your back no matter what. But be wary of who you trust, because they may have other motives in mind.

The Vampire Dairies Cast

Take control of your life. You may come from the slums, but with a little bit of smart thinkin’Β and luck you can make it in the big time. Relationships can be complicated in the office (both friendships/romance). You never know full when what someone’s intentions are, but if you keep true to yourself, little can go wrong. And UMMM appearance can make a difference, look how snazzy they look in their getups πŸ˜‰


The Walking Dead:

There are several lessons to be told, but I think the first lesson we learn in the series is that honesty and truth are not necessarily paths to high status. People can and will change, the pure of heart can be filled with anger, and the evil in our souls can be rid if a kind person touches it. Also, zombies are scary, foreal!

The Walking Dead

Amazing Race:
This is truly a competition geared towards teamwork. Comraderie and willpower above all. In this race, both players must trust as well as be able to go through the tasks physically. It is just as much of a mental game as a physical one. The Amazing Race has always interested me on how players interact with each other to win a million dollars. Its A MILLION DOLLARS. Unlike the lottery, if you’ve made it on the show, you have a 1/11 chance to win. Would you step on other people to win? Or would you play the game fair? …its a MILLION DOLLARS!

The Amazing Race

Game of Thrones:
OH man, this is my most recent addiction. With its complicated story line, there’s definitely a character to love/hate for everyone. The lessons in this series are abundant. What I draw most from this series is how to become an effective leader. Sometimes the nicest people will not come out on top, such is life. Social pressure can take a toll on anyone, no matter how pure of heart. Take responsibility for your actions!

Game of Thrones

Despite all the blood and sex, Spartacus has quite a few lessons to draw from. Make your own destiny! You can be born in a shit hole and be an inspiration to the people around you. Do not be afraid to make the tough decisions if it will benefit the group as a whole.Β Drive change in yourself, and then you can inspire change in others.

Spartacus: Andy Whitfield as Spartacus

Do you guys have any good shows to add to my list? πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Scratch the Blood and Gore

  1. The wording of your summaries were outrageously amazing. I know about all of the shows but you explain them on a deeper level than marketed. Did you take marketing?!? I’m suspicious. πŸ˜‰
    Anyways I will definitely give each of those shows a try and, similar to what you wrote, when watching Game of Thrones my friend said “Don’t get attached to any of the characters. There’s a good chance they will get killed.”. Season one was so painful. lol

    • Aww, you make me blush >_< …thank you! Through life there are many lessons to be learned, as through shows, too! Hehehe that's probably just an excuse for me to watch them :p

      And funny that you mentioned marketing, I'm actually working for a social media marketing firm πŸ˜‰ I enjoy it quite a bit!

      AHHH G.O.T. is soo intense. And I agree with your friend! Its just so hard not to be attached, they're all soo great in their own way. Do you plan on watching any? Let me know how that goes!

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