My car is my safe haven. Everyone stresses about something. This was especially true when I used to feel a lot of stress on my shoulders,I would just drive around, blasting music. When insomnia hits, I drive.

Here’s a short background: My car’s name is Kennin, which means perseverance in Japanese, Kenny for “short” ;). I wanted a meaningful name that was an extension of myself. I mean in a way your belongings/those you associate with/children are essentially an extension of yourself, right? I consider myself strong in the sense that I will never give up. I may not be the fastest learner, but I have a ridiculous work ethic. Give me time, and I can, and I will do it.

Anyways, there was a lake next to my college, and right before the lake there was an awesome area where you can look out and skip rocks (I love skipping rocks). It was one of my spots off campus where I’d just go to release alllll my tension and get away from it all.

I’m writing about him today because when I got home, I popped in a CD that had more than just songs on there. It portrayed raw emotion. For me when I listen to certain songs, it brings me back memories, good or bad. It kind of caught on to one of my heartstrings and didn’t let go…so I broke down, and Kenny caught my tears. Some people may think its weird to have an appreciation for an inanimate object, but I really do love my car. This is a thank you to him, and the comfort and protection that he gives me on a daily basis. 🙂

Now its time time to wash the lil bugger! Do you guys have any strong attachments to inanimate objects?




6 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. That looks like a nice car! I have a strong ass attachment to my first car. I’m not driving it right now cause I’m driving something else but I just can’t sell it. I’ve had it since 1999. hahaha. You make me want to write a post about it too. What kind of car do you have? I can’t make it out. Or is it a secret?

  2. I drive a rusty, old pick-up truck which I absolutely love. When I’m feeling down the first thing I do is get in him (his name is Mater), turn up the radio, and cruise down a back road. I can talk to God there, scream lyrics that really connect to my emotions… It’s a safe place to vent anything I can’t handle. (:

    • Mater! Sounds like a very becoming name for your pick up truck! I’m glad you and I both seem to have a strong connection to our cars and blasting music 😉 Hahaha, it really does help!!

  3. I don’t know how you came across “kennin” but as a Japanese speaker that word is very bold and quite deep in meaning (aka VERY impressive choice!).
    The only inanimate object that I can think of that I could say I was attached to were some stuffed dolls that I had when I was young. A penguin, ant (much cuter than it sounds, trust me), and Pac-Man. Before I’d go to sleep I would strategically place them around my bed to protect me from…..I’m not even sure anymore but better safe than sorry, right? 😉
    Oh geez, certain smells usually trigger flashbacks but I will admit there are a few songs that affect me more than others. Growing up around music I thought I would be bulletproof to such emotion from a song. Boy, was I wrong.
    But hey, that is one nice shine on that car of yours! Now if only I knew how to skip rocks properly (Damn shotput skills messing me up).

    • Hi!

      Hahaha I’m glad you approve of Kennin :):It was the start of a long journey with the guy, I had to find a name that was meaningful! I’m not quite sure what it is but I am fascinated with the Japanese culture. Everything just has a profound meaning, and it seems the people consider their crafts as art.

      Aww. And protect you, I’m sure they did!…and a stuffed ant…I’ll definitely have to see that for myself some day. Lolol.
      You grew up around music? Did your parents play/do you play any instruments or sing?
      Ohhh you just have to keep trying! Be one with the rock and lake 😉 It really is soothing though, you should try it sometime!

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