Conversations with My Little Brother

Now that I’ve finally upgraded to a “smart phone”, I can take screen shots of conversations. Bahaha >=] It was such a shame that I couldn’t do this before. But fear not, I can document them now!

A little background on my relationship with my bro. We go on a ton of food adventures, and usually when we’re together, we just eat the whole town. Like so:



He just transferred to UCD, living the big boy life. We occasionally call/webcam each other, but during the week when he’s in school, and I’m at work, we text. Here are some convos we had recently:

Convos with Alan: Bagel Massacre


Convos with Alan: Food Insomnia

Convos with Alan: Food Insomnia

We’re so silly. Thanks for always finding a way to make me laugh Aran. Happy hump day!


Autumn Beers :)

Each season is a little special in its own way. Autumn’s personality is warm and embracing! I went to Oktoberfest in Campbell for the first time this weekend! It was super fun. Beer/Wine/Sausages/Icecream with good company, what can get better than that?! πŸ™‚ I now have a hankering to go to the one in Germany (adding that one to the bucket list)!Things I love about Autumn ❀

  1. The Moon
  2. Fireplaces
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. Pretty Trees
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. Sweaters/Fall Fashion
  7. Crunchy Leaves
  8. Squash (lol I LOVE SQUASH)
  9. Beautiful Hikes
  10. And now, Oktoberfest!

What are things you love about Autumn?

Macaroon Making – Archery Shooting – Bike Riding – Nom Filled Weekend ;)

My weekend consisted of a nice balance between friends and family! What more can I ask for?

I started with a nice bike ride with my little brother. We were trying a new course and spotted a park. Of course the innner kid in us HAD to make a stop πŸ˜‰ I love my little bro, its always an adventure with the guy! We then proceeded in disrupting the peace by riding dolphins, getting shocked by slides, using kiddie swings, and planking on random parts of the playground. Afterwards we nommed on Lee’s Sandwiches πŸ™‚

We shot at the Archery Range with a few friends. It was my…5th time at the range. I love the creative targets people make! My friend drew a balloon for me…apparently its my “I’M HUNGRY” face. We ended the session with killing Sparkly Edward from Twilight :p I’m going to bring Joffrey from Game of Thrones next time >=]!

We ventured into the world of macaroon making! It was quiiiite an endeavor. However, through hard work, and love, they turned out quite nicely! My friend has made them before so she had a lot of tips for us newbies! Did you know macaroons have feet? AND SKIN? Yeah, me neither. :p

Needless to say, I had a great weekend! I hope yours was just as fun filled πŸ˜€

Chunky Monkey

I eat a lot. I drink a lot. I live and love…a lot.

So I usually go about my business, eating my meal, and ALWAYS finish with dessert. And not a wimpy dessert either like apples or something. ICE CREAM. CHEESECAKE. CHOCOLATE. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, yeah yeah. Now you might be thinking it…many people say: “you’re so lucky you’re asian, you don’t get fat”, “I wish I had fast metabolism” etc. Uhh…the reality check its not that I’m an asian blessed with remarkable digestive system, its because I work my ass offΒ to maintain a healthy mind and body.

5-6 times a week I’m training, hard. Β And sure that chocolate cake I ate would probably catch up to me, but that’s part of life. I know it makes me happy. Till then I’ll indulge. Train. Rinse and repeat.

“Caught in the act” pics below! :p

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(Semi) Throwback Thursday

I love food. Food is something that makes me happy!

Earlier this year, I came home from work and my brother mentioned that he liked my outfit. We proceeded to get some milk tea…and he decided to shoot me in “action”. Here are his shots titled “Screaming at Food” πŸ˜›

β€œIf more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world.”