What Happens When You Crave Adventure?

You go out and find it! You see, when you crave something such as adventure…your mind may be tricking you saying that its really not very easy to satisfy. I mean…its not like you can buy adventure like you can buying a carton of ice cream…right? WRONG –kinda.

Sometimes I have the luxury of working from home. As I groggily walked over to cook my usual breakfast I thought to myself, “Shit, today is a beautiful day…I wish I could be outside.” That feeling was so strong that I just had to get out. And I’m SO glad I did. I’ve always though that its the simple pleasures in life that make it enjoyable. “Why should I go to the lake on a weekday? I have a ton of work…” Why, why, why? I’ve been going on so many adventures is because when get the itch to do something, I ask myself, “Why, not?!” I want to have the courage to be happy, everyday.

So I geared up, and ran out the door with my trusty ruck (Inside were 2 bricks + water), camera, and a soy latte. And I explored. Longest…lunch break…ever ;).


Life’s been quite hectic for me recently. One side of me is thinking that I need to chill out…but the other side is challenging me if I’ve ever regretted going out instead of staying in? The answer to that is…never :). So here’s to truly going out there and making each day count. Even the random ones where the spontaneous itch is too strong to control. ESPECIALLY those times.



I’m a very simple person. I find the simple life extremely alluring. Give me a small house around nature, close to my family & friends, and I’ll be happy. Seriously.

Scotty Asai – Tahoe Sky

I had a discussion with a few of my coworkers the other day. Are we happy with all this technology around us? Are the children in our generation happier than the children a few generations ago? The American kid on his Nintendo 3DS, or the African kid with a soccer ball? We often have technology and innovation to our disposal every day. We can order food to our doorsteps with a touch of a button, yet fail to realize it is a beautiful day. We live in an era where there are smart phones and dumb people 😉 No offense to smart phone users.

I feel we are blinded by the media at times, losing sight of what is concrete, and truly important in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I do love browsing the web, playing games, and I definitely feel lucky to have many conveniences that serve to make my life easier. But, I can’t seem to shake off the fact that the weekends where I spend away from technology are the ones I remember most. Taking the time to embrace the beauty of nature, or the company of good friends is something I really enjoy. Here are some pics from Tahoe weekend a few weeks ago!