Got dropped off at 2am.

Suddenly woke up to a blaring SMOKE alarm. I checked the clock. 6am. So still half asleep, I run out to my living room and smell a slightly smokey aroma. Looking around I don’t see anything burning…until I look at my heater. Near the bottom I see it illuminating a yellowish, orangish glow. During this time, the alarm is STILL going off. UGHH. I hate alarms in general. So…after a couple of mins  I start freaking out and run to the faucet to fill a cup of water and throw it on to the heater. No luck. Still glowing orange. At that time I think to myself, shoot. I don’t want my shit to go up in flames…better call the fire department. So…I did. The lady said help was on the way, and that I should get out ASAP.


You know that question that people always ask…the one that goes “If your house was burning down, which 3 items would you take with you?” Lol I took, my backpack, grabbed both my laptops (My mac and gaming laptop) and my purse (which contained my wallet and camera). I was genuinely scared.

Two policemen came at my door, first. They looked around the apartment and started observing the heater. Nope…no flames…. then comes two firemen, one with an axe, I might add. One of the cops rudely said there was no fire, and a bit too loudly muttered “I’m leaving”. -_-; UGHHH. Then the two firemen took a look and, yet again confirmed there was no fire. But told me its always better to be safe than sorry. Then they taught me how to turn OFF my heater because I never even turned it ON!

So funny because I always thought my apartment was hot…now I know its because the heater was on for at last 4 months. -_-

Moral of the story: Heaters are supposed to have coils that glow orange…so don’t be frightened. And also, its always better to be safe than sorry, even when you look REALLY, really stupid doing so.

Hello again blogging world, long time no talk/see! 🙂